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Affordable Cleaning Services you can trust! We Aim To Please Your Every Need!

The average cost of house cleaning on a one-time basis is $120 to $500 depending on the work that needs to be done,  dose'nt  matter how many rooms.  (Only For One-Time Services)

We Do Travel But There's A $30 Fee For Services Outside Of Pinellas County Will Be Added To Your Service. Anything Over 30 Miles Will Be A $50 Fee. (For Traveling Expense) Gas Money.

We service Hillsborough County, Pinellas County, Pasco County, Manatee County, Hernando County, Citrus County.

Hours Of Operation 

       Flexible Scheduling 

         Deep Cleaning, Move-Out Cleaning

3 bed 1 bath Deep Clean $150 to $250 Move-Out $175 – $300 3 bed 2 bath Deep Clean $180 – $350 Move-Out $195 to $300 4 bed 3 bath Deep Clean  $200 – $400 Move-Out $200 – $450 Additional Rooms $10 to $30 more... Standard cleaning includes mopping, dusting, vacuuming, emptying trash, cleaning sinks, faucets, mirrors, appliances, and toilets, making the bed, and general cleaning throughout the house. Additional cleaning services will cost extra. (These are just starting prices nothing is set in stone!)

  • Hourly Rates

    Hourly Rates- Starting from $35 to $75 an hour per worker (Minimum of two work's per service)

  • Promotion's

    We Do Offer Flat Rate Fee's & Deal's Depending On The Work That Needs To Be Done! Don't Miss Out On Savings Because You Didn't Ask About Them!

Services We Offer 

Take a look at the Services we offer All Prices are Negotiable... If you don't see the service you are looking for don't be hesitate to ask we do it all...

Service 1           

(Houses & Air BnB's & Vacation Rental Homes)

Cleaning Cost Per Bedrooms & Bathrooms Prices Range.

1Bed 1Bath $75 – $150                1Bed 2Bath's $110 – $200         2bed's 1bath $100 – $200        2bed's 2bath's $135 – $250          3Bed's 1Bath $130 – $300            3Bed's 2Bath's $140 –$350        4Bed's 3Bath $200 – $450        5Bed's 3Bath's $250 - $500

Service 2     

(Apartment's & Condo's)

Cleaning prices range from $75 to $135, depending on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. For a larger 3-bedroom 2-bathroom apartment, the cost starts at $135 for general cleaning. Deep cleaning could run you $180+. Apartment Cleaning Cost Per Bedrooms & Bathrooms Prices.       

 4Bed's 2Bath's $150 to $225               3Bed's 2Bath's $135 to $200   2Bed's 2Bath's $95 to $175    2Bed's 1Bath $80 to $150           1Bed 2Bath's $75 to $150          1Bed 1Bath $60 to $100

Service 3

Commercial Cleaning Services Rates

Commercial cleaning services rates range from $0.04 to $0.16 per square foot or $50 to $100 per hour. A small office might be charged per week per month at a rate of $500 to $700 base on square footage and a larger office $2,000 to $4,000 per month based on square footage.

        We Look Forward To Providing              Business For Our Communities                    (Licensed and Insured) 

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Ebony & Jerry Drain

Phone Number:(813) 623 - 5900

Toll-Free Number:(833) 446 - 0407

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